In the Q1 2023 Launch Report, we outline the reasons for the continued increase in homebuilder sentiment. We lay out powerful financing tools that our clients can utilize in Texas to help access non-recourse, long-term, tax-exempt bond financing via the public debt markets to make deals “pencil”.  We’ve also included a listing of last quarter’s Land to Lots Podcasts to allow you to turn your car into a rolling university.

As always, we have included Land Advisors Organization’s Markets at a Glance.

Dig deep and build strong!

In this quarter’s Launch Report™, we’ve outlined 22 ideas to position your project for “the next wave”. Additionally, get the details on how RCLCO’s Top 50 Selling Master Planned Communities are financing their infrastructure and learn what financing tool developers in Arizona are using to “Launch” their development projects. We’ve also included the listing of all the Land to Lots™ podcasts available for streaming.

As always, we have included Land Advisors Organization’s Markets at a Glance.

Dig deep and build strong!

In this issue of the Launch Report™, you’ll find a common oversight that we have witnessed time-after-time during down markets that without proper attention, could cost your company millions of dollars.

Furthermore, we’ve included RCLCO‘s Mid-year 2022 Top Selling MPC Report along with Launch’s drill down into their infrastructure financing strategies. I’ve also featured observations and strategies for MPC developers to consider in changing time along with an introduction of the Land to Lots™ podcast. As always, we’ve included the Land Advisor Organization‘s Markets at a Glance charts for the third quarter 2022.


In this issue of the Launch Report, we have in interview with Brook Cole of GWC Capital on how they stay on time and on budget with the build out of their 6,000+ acre Spring Valley master plan community located in Boise, Idaho. Additionally, we have the takeaways from “The Impact of Rising Interest Rates” panel discussion as well as the Land Advisor Organization’s “Markets at a Glance” charts.

I hope that you enjoy this issue of the Launch Report!

Rising interest rates are impacting how land developers and builders are looking at the market. Click on the link below to learn more.


In this issue of the Launch Report we layout 45 development strategies that may be helpful as we move forward in an environment of increasing horizontal construction costs, supply chain challenges, and rising interest rates.

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Carter Froelich

RCLCO Real Estate Advisors (“RCLCO”), along with Launch Development Finance Advisors, have updated their listing for year-end 2021 outlining how the 50 Top-Selling Master Planned Communities in the United States are financing their infrastructure. For the updated list, click on the link below.

Top-Selling Master Planned Communities

For more information regarding market-related conditions behind the success of top-selling projects, contact RCLCO’s Gregg Logan or Karl Pischke or respectively.

For more information regarding public financing structures, contact Launch’s Pam Giss or Carter Froelich or respectively.

This issue of The Launch Report™ is dedicated to the memory of Larry Johnson, founder of Johnson Development Corporation, and one of the nation’s most successful developers who unexpectedly passed away in January 2022. Michael Cox, President of Johnson Development Services as well as Larry’s business partner and friend, discusses the impact that Larry had on the industry as well as his career. Michael also shares lessons learned over his long career, ingredients of a successful master planned community and advice for the new generation of developers entering the marketplace.

Also, in this quarter’s issue is RCLCO Real Estate Advisor’s and Launch’s drill down of how the top 50 selling master planned communities are financing their infrastructure as well as a recap of the most common reimbursement errors that cost a development company time and money. This article also includes a link to a 20 minute video podcast that explores this issue in greater detail.

We hope that you enjoy this quarter’s Launch Report.

In this issue of The Launch Report™ you will find an in-depth interview with Heath Melton, the President of Howard Hughes Phoenix Division in relation to their recent acquisition of the 37,000 acre Douglas Ranch master planned community located in Phoenix’s West Valley.

You will also find an article by Nick Kral on the importance of properly estimating fees and special district financing amounts when performing due diligence. Lastly there is information on California’s Assembly Bill 602 and Senate Bill 319 which attempt to address issues with transparency related to California development impact fees.


Carter Froelich, CPA

In this issue of The Launch Report™ you will find a multimedia presentation by Carter Froelich (Launch Development Finance Advisors) and Misty Ventura (Shupe Ventura, PLLC) related to Infrastructure Financing Solutions for Texas Developers and Home Builders – Opportunities / Landmines” as well as LaunchNewsletter_2Q21R and Launch Development Finance Advisor’s analysis of the 50 Top-Selling Master Planned Communities Infrastructure Financing Mechanisms along with an article related to common reimbursement processing mistakes.


Carter Froelich, CPA