Our Services

Land Secured Financing

Based upon our client’s financing goals of IRR or nominal dollar maximization, we plan, implement and administer handcrafted land secured public financings to help our clients achieve their goals. The financing vehicles used are dependent on the location of the project.

Development Impact Fees

Evaluate the appropriateness of impact fees imposed by the public sector in terms of fairness and equity and the legal principals of rational nexus and rough proportionality.

Entitlement Analysis

Review and critique  project entitlements and make recommendations for their modification based upon fact based analysis and  quantification of the financial impact  of such suggestions.

Development / Financing Agreement Negotiations

Assist in the negotiations of Pre-Annexation and Development Agreements, Development Agreements, Reimbursement Agreements and/or Infrastructure Improvement plans to create flexibility for the developer to adapt to changing market conditions.

Litigation Support

Provide professional reports, analysis and subject matter expertise in matters of real estate development, public finance, development impact fees and the payment of municipal judgements.

Public Bidding/Reimbursement Service

Assist clients with public bidding of special taxing district finance construction projects, record keeping, the assembly of reimbursement binders and the processing of reimbursement binders through the agency’s reimbursement process.

Legislative Initiatives

Assist the private sector in drafting, lobbying and enacting favorable special district financing legislation, impact fee statutes and other infrastructure related initiatives.

District Management

Provide District management, accounting and billing operations for special taxing districts.

Financial Modeling and Feasibility Analysis

Provide cash flow analysis for land, residential and commercial projects created for each client’s specific needs and requirements.

Financial models can include multiple debt and equity providers as well as special purpose taxing districts. Financial models used for valuations, disposition analysis, as well as residual land estimates.

Fiscal and Economic Impact Analysis

Prepare a proposed development project’s estimated  Fiscal and Economic Impact Analysis based upon a jurisdiction’s actual level of services taken from their Comprehensive Annual Financial Report.