Launching the financing of real estate developments across the United States since 1994 to help our clients achieve more.

Development Finance Advisors

Launch is a transaction based real estate consulting firm that specializes in the financing of public infrastructure that serves our clients development projects.

We are the one stop shop to take the financing of public infrastructure from the planning stage until the receipt of the last reimbursement request.

Launch’s sole purpose is to assist the private sector finance public improvements; reduce improvement costs and to mitigate development risks. All of Launch’s professional services and Unique Processes are designed to achieve these goals for our clients.

In a world full of complexity, we believe that it’s necessary to boil down complex transactions and financing strategies to easily understood concepts. Our mantra is to “Keep it Simple”.

Having worked on hundreds of development projects over the years, we’ve developed a number of proprietary processes, strategies, agreements, systems and financial models to assist our clients improve the profitability of their projects. See our Unique Processes section for more information.

We’ve been in business since 1994 and have assisted our clients in the entitlement and/or financing of over 1,000 development projects ranging in size from 6 to 54,000 acres from California to Florida . Launch professionals have been involved directly or indirectly in the establishment of over 575 special taxing districts and the issuance of over $9.76 billion in bonds.

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