Top Master Planned Communities Rely on Public Finance – RCLCO / Launch Mid-Year 2023 Infrastructure Financing Mechanisms

Launch Development Finance Advisors, partnering with RCLCO Real Estate Consulting, delivered its Mid-Year 2023 Infrastructure Financing Mechanisms for the Top 50 Master Planned Communities (MPC).  Among the findings in this report, developers, and builders of the top MPCs continue to rely heavily on public financing mechanisms to construct infrastructure with 86% of home sales occurring within a special taxing district.

RCLCO / Launch 2023 Mid-Year Report

Estimated net construction proceeds from special district financing for a sample lot in top selling MPCs averaged over $30,300 with estimated property taxes as a percentage of home prices just under 2.2%.

Texas continues to dominate the list with 22 MPCs in the Top 50, 20 of which use special districts to finance infrastructure.  Florida is second with 16 MPCs on the list, 12 of which use special districts.

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